Soft Skills

Entrepreneurship ( 91 days )

Project Overview

Home Industries .

Micro enterprises

Soch team facilitated women with family based enterprises in rural areas.

The purpose is to promote women entrepreneurs by providing them self-employment, who normally belong to farmers’ families. In turn, it will provide healthy, environment-friendly and quality products at reasonable prices to the people.


India has seen many farmers’ suicides and depressed artisans and many other related issues in the society. The investments were made through private loans and loans from financial institutions. Due to uncertain whether conditions, like excess rain or drought and other environmental factors, farmers and artisans are not able to pay back the loans. So, to pay back the loans, they begin to refinance and this put them in the vicious cycle. And these families have no other source of income. Therefore, the male member commits suicide, leaving the family completely helpless.

The solution for the above mentioned is to generate income through self-employment or employment. Therefore a stable and long-term source of income is required. So, the solution is to facilitate one female family member, to start a micro/small industry (home industry). One family member can run a unit, which will provide a regular source of income to the family. Then the farmer or the artisan can focus on farming or other skills, he was performing before.

It this way, farming sector and Indian art and culture will be self-supported. There is two-way benefit in it, one farm product can be used as raw material by the industry unit and the produce can be sold to the market to generate revenue. This revenue could replace the loan amount, hence save interest and provide regular income to the family.

What we do?
Establish, counsel, train, finance… womenpreneur to own micro enterprises in urban areas.
We hand-hold affected women (victims, widow, single), farmers and artisans to become an independent, successful entrepreneur.

Step one:
We counsel the effected woman and prepare her to start and run a micro enterprise.

Step two:
Once she is ready, we train her. Training includes business training, production training, design training, marketing training and soft skills training.

Step three:
When she is prepared. We order machines, tools and raw material.

Step four:
1. Facilitate production.
2. Facilitate packing and packaging.
3. Facilitate logistics.

Step five:
Buy back minimum promised quantity. Also, facilitate marketing and sales of the rest of the production.

Previous experience
7 years
1205 lives
9 locations

Impact on the family
1. Regular income to a family
2. Reduced house violence
3. Increase in education of the children
4. Improvement in the health and hygiene
5. Inception of moral values and peaceful environment

Impact on the economy

1.  Employment generation in the region

2.  Generation of real commodities

3.  Purchasing power boost

4.  Reduced migration

5.  Reduced crime, increase in safety and security