1.  Identify, educate and grow the potential industries of India along with increase the 

     production of real goods and services.

2.  Work with the existing teams (Govt./NGO/etc.) in the identified areas and build the

     skill-based competitive human resource



Stage I:

1. Indentify an industry

2. Recognise location/s (places or pockets) of key skills required for the industry

3. Identify the team of like-minded skilled workers

    (corporate/company/entrepreneur/individual) in the location/s

4. Polish and brush-up existing skilled workers

5. Train them to impart training of the skill to youth within the industry and others in

    and around the location


Stage II: 

1. Develop e-learning modules of the identified skill

2. Identify place to impart technology-based training

3. Run the animation/movie of the training modules

4. The skilled work-force (polished in stage I) will support the training sessions and allow the students to practice the skill

5. Provide live production project to the students to have the experience of real work

(This will enhance the skills of the students and thereby, result id produced goods to trade)


Stage III:

1.  Provide training of the following to the skilled youth:

§  management skills (plan and strategy, operations and marketing)

§  accounting and financing

§  website development, web videos production

§  content writing for website and product profile

§  designing (business card, catalogue and brochure)

§  soft skills (communication, hygiene, positive attitude building)


Stage IV:

1.  Introduce updated technology to enhance the skill, thereby, growth of the industry

2.  Provide training of the technology and implement the technology

3.  Produce goods and services utilising the youth and the industry resources


Stage V:

1.  Develop business plan and marketing strategy for the produced goods and services

2.  Market goods and services in India and in the rest of the world

3.  Make the industry independent

4.  Create the culture of the above-mentioned process



1.  Identify another industry… :-)



1. Increase in skilled workers

2. Hub of trainers, workers, marketers, planers, designers at one place

3. Self sustained industry

4. Creating entrepreneurs

5. Increase in employment

6. Increase in real goods and services

7. Increased purchasing power

8. Increase in consumption of other commodities

9. Growth of other industries

10. Growth of the location (rural/urban)

11. Development of the culture of the location, thereby, culture of India

12. Increase in tourism

13. Overall growth and development in all spheres of lives

14. Increased peace and prosperity

15. More independent industries

16. Decrease in rate of forced migration