Soch – a thought!

Thoughts become actions and actions become habits.

Thought is a seed. Thoughts become things.


Thoughts represent different colours of human behaviour; those are result of basic colours i.e. basic nature. SOCH logo represents the basic colours with a base of green line and the bird that represents new height of “Anand”- eternal happiness. If we work on our thoughts and make sure they are positive and productive, peace is achieved.


'SOCH Trust' is formed to:

1. develop skills among youth, by providing skill-based training,

2. develop business plan and implement for the industries those are

    not doing good for various reasons,

3. provide direction to the masses, who promote any good cause,

4. build focus and communication skills,

5. promote positive thinking.


CSR Project directions:

Direction 1: Empowering local community, artisans to promote locale specific indigenous art, culture & products for economic enhancement

SOCH creates an integrated business plan and marketing plan by organising the Self Help Groups (SHGs) and other community members to promote indigenous products and other art forms for economic enhancement.

This project will be supported by a number of multidisciplinary organizations - Government, Banks and International Knowledge Management entities. SOCH will primarily organise SHGs, create product portfolios, carry out market assessment, branding and marketing by using e-commerce and retails throughout the chosen state.

This project will improve the economic and social situations and will bring the people back to their indigenous roots and revive the traditional artisanal practices in the region.


Direction 2: Skill based training for youths for gainful employment

The STAR scheme of NSDC is an initiative to boost employability and productivity of youth by providing them monetary incentive to voluntarily join an approved skill-training course that is certified by Sector Skill Councils. The objective of this scheme is to encourage skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programs. SOCH in partnership with IACM will build capacities of faculties and create trainers in specific trades, identify the youth and motivate them to be a part of the training so as to create a pool of trained and skilled manpower for various industries.


Direction 3: Knowledge dissemination by using the power of language through mobile-based application and internet based applications

SOCH understands and appreciates that there are expertise in the area of art, culture, literature, science & technology and others which are part of many of the international communities and well captured in their specific languages.

SOCH is launching two websites, which will address the aforesaid issues of transliterating documents, articles, and research papers from various international languages to Punjabi making it easier for people of Punjab getting access to valuable knowledge. English is one of the languages mostly used worldwide and hence SOCH is launching

SOCH will also capture the various work carried out by eminent Punjabi people to showcase it in the international scene by launching another website

SOCH will be using innovative mobile-based technology to target children, youth and adults through these applications.